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The Louvre appoints the new assistant curator sponsored by CEEH

Iris Romagné earned a Master’s 2 in Art History from the École du Louvre, during which time she spent a year at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid thanks to an Erasmus+ exchange. Her research is focused on relations between France and Spain in the eighteenth century and in 2021 she received the prize awarded by the Fondation pour l’art et la recherche for her dissertation on the case of Spain in the eighteenth-century dissemination of Fénelon’s Aventures de Télémaque in Europe. Her doctoral thesis, which she is working on at the CY Cergy Paris University and the UNED, studies European influence on Madrid painting of the second half of the eighteenth century through the example of Charles-Joseph Flipart (Paris, 1721–Madrid, 1797), an artist of French origin who trained in Venice and was based in Madrid from the early 1750s. She has now joined the Department of Painting at the Louvre for a two-year period, during which time she will chiefly work on the RETIB project, a census of Iberian paintings in French public collections.

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