CEEH Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica

ARTES / CEEH Scholarships Awards (2020-2021)

The four scholarships offered by ARTES with the support of the CEEH have been granted:

Scholarship for a PhD student in the UK (£3000)
Carter Lyon (University of Glasgow)
Title: Spanish Golden Age Art Theory in Practice: A case study of Vicente Carducho’s Self Portrait in the collection of Sir William Stirling Maxwell
Supervisors: Dr Mark Richter and Dr Hilary Macartney

Scholarship for a PhD/post-doc student in Spain (£3000)
Alexandra Millón Maté (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Title: “Fancy pictures”? The British Reception of Murillo, 1650-1900
Supervisors: Professor Felipe Pereda Espeso (Harvard University) and Dr. María Cruz de Carlos Varona (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

ARTES CEEH Travel Scholarships (£1000 each)
Victoria Rasbridge (University College London)
Title: Intersecting Identities: Troubled and Troubling Representations of Queenship on the Early Modern Spanish Stage
Supervisor: Dr Alexander Samson

Sarah Slingluff (University of Edinburgh)
Title: Material Culture of the Arab/Berber Conquest: Excavations at the fortress of Zorita Castle and Surveying the Museums of the thaghr al-awsaṭ
Supervisor: Dr Glaire Anderson

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