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La Grande Chapelle in concert

The concert Pedro Ruimonte en Bruselas. Música en la corte de los archiduques Alberto e Isabel Clara Eugenia (Pedro Ruimonte in Brussels. Music at the court of Archduke Albrecht and Archduchess Isabella Clara Eugenia), organised by CEEH, the Fundación BBVA and the Biblioteca Nacional de España, takes place at the church of San Jerónimo el Real in Madrid at 8pm on Friday 3 February.

Conducted by Albert Recasens, La Grande Chapelle performs for the first time the music played in the Brussels chapel and chamber of Archduke Albrecht and Archduchess Isabella Clara Eugenia, governors of Flanders, whose court was one of the most refined of the early seventeenth century.

Beginning with the madrigals and carols of Pedro Ruimonte, which were published in Antwerp in 1614, the programme also includes vocal and instrumental pieces by the composers and organists who moved in his circle, such as Peter Philips, Pieter Cornet and Girolamo Frescobaldi.

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