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The Wallace Collection completes the conservation of Prince Baltasar Carlos in the Riding School with the support of the CEEH

Prince Baltasar Carlos in the Riding School, one of the Wallace Collection’s best known works, has been conserved with the financial support of the CEEH. Since Enriqueta Harris’ article for the Burlington Magazine in 1976 the painting has generally been considered a studio version of the Duke of Westminster’s copy, and now, having undergone proper technical analysis, both versions will be reunited so that experts can come to a more definitive understanding of the Wallace painting.

Conservation has served two main purposes: revealing the original, luminous beauty of the painting and bringing to light new information about the provenance, attribution and techniques employed in the painting. The treatment has also coincided with a major research project on the life and education of Baltasar Carlos. This research is carried out by the Enriqueta Harris Curatorial Assistant funded by the (CEEH).