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Boone, M. Elizabeth

M. Elizabeth Boone is Professor of the History of Art, Design and Visual Culture at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. She specializes in nineteenth- and twentieth-century art and has published on Mary Cassatt in Spain or the nineteenth-century response to Velazquez’s Las Meninas. Boone’s Vistas de España: American Views of Art and Life in Spain, 1860–1914 (2007) documents and explores American perceptions of Spain during a period that marked a significant shift in power between the two countries, bracketed the Spanish-American War, and witnessed the emergence of complicated questions about the nature of national identity in the United States. She is currently working on the transnational histories of Spain, the United States, and Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, and Chile) as told through exhibitions of Spanish art at world’s fairs and centennial celebrations.

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