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Crawford-Volk, Mary

Mary Crawford- Volk is an art historian based in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she  teaches regularly at Harvard’s Extension School. Her study of Spanish art began with a doctoral thesis at Yale (published 1977) on Vicencio Carducho and seventeenth century painting in Castile, followed by essays on Velázquez and the liberal arts, Rubens in Madrid, and the courtier-collector Diego Messia, Marquis of Leganés. Her Yale Master’s thesis, on mid-nineteenth century art in Paris, helped inspire her exhibition and accompanying catalogue, John  Singer Sargent’s El Jaleo (National Gallery, Washington, D.C., 1992). She has recently written on Sargent’s Boston Library murals (which overlapped Sorolla’s Hispanic Society “Provinces of Spain”) for the 1998 Tate retrospective on Sargent, in a 2004 exhibition at Vose Galleries in Boston, and in 2006 for Sargent/Sorolla, an exhibition organized by the Thyssen Museum, Madrid. She is currently finishing a book, Sargent At Large, for Yale University Press.

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