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Milicua, Pablo

Pablo Milicua (Bilbao, 1960) is a sculptor and painter. His work is based on assemblage and collage techniques in a process of destruction and creation, archaeology and alchemy. He has taken part in many group exhibitions since 1983 and held his first solo exhibition in 1985. Prominent among the many prizes and grants he has been awarded is a scholarship from the Academia de España in Rome. He has organised exhibitions in connection with the idea of the cabinet of curiosities, such as Mutantes del Paraíso (Sala Amárica, Vitoria, 1998), Museo Efímero de Bilbao (Windsor Kulturgintza, Bilbao, 2011) and El Prodigi (Artur Ramón, Barcelona, 2015) and has created installations in outdoor settings and abandoned buildings in Manchester, Arija and Brooklyn.

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