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Rangström, Lena

Lena Rangström holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Stockholm and was formerly chief curator of the Royal Armory in Stockholm. She has published many articles and monographs on royal costume, festivities, and ceremonies, prominent among which are Tournaments and the Dream of Chivalry (1992); Hovets dräkter (on court dress, 1994); Kläder för tid och evighet (on the clothing of Gustav III, 1997); Lions of Fashion. Male Fashion of the 16th, 17th, 18th Centuries (2002); En brud för kung och fosterland (on Swedish royal weddings from Gustav Vasa to Carl XVI Gustav, 2010); Kanonsalut och vaggor (on royal births and christenings, 2012); and Dödens teater (on five centuries of royal funerals, 2015).

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