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Santiago Páez, Elena M.ª

Elena María Santiago Páez, who holds a doctorate in art history from the Complutense University of Madrid, is a qualified librarian with civil servant status and librarian emeritus at the Biblioteca Nacional de España, where she was previously in charge of the geography and maps section (1966–82) and the department of drawings and prints (1983–2004). The many exhibitions she has curated include El Escorial en la Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid, 1985); Miguel Jacinto Meléndez, pintor de Felipe V (Madrid, 1989); “Ydioma universal”. Goya en la Biblioteca Nacional (with J. Wilson, Madrid, 1996); El gabinete de Ceán Bermúdez (Gijón, 1997); Del Amor y la Muerte. Dibujos y grabados de la Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid, 2001); La Real Biblioteca Pública (1711–1760). De Felipe V a Fernando VI ( Madrid, 2004); and La luz de la sombra. Grabados de Rembrandt (with G. Lambert, Madrid, 2004–2005).

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