CEEH Centro de Estudios Europa Hispánica

CEEH sponsors a concert featuring music by Baroque composer José de Baquedano performed by La Grande Chapelle

La Grande Chapelle, conducted by Albert Recasens, is giving a concert featuring never previously performed pieces by José de Baquedano or Vaquedano (1642−1711) in Santiago de Compostela cathedral, where the composer was chapel master from 1680 to 1710. The programme includes a selection of Baquedano’s Latin vocal music, with motets, psalms and laments, and is the result of the research, musicological study and coordination of transcription carried out by Recasens at the Instituto Cultura y Sociedad (ICS) of the University of Navarra. The CEEH is sponsoring this concert and the recording La Grande Chapelle is due to make in Portugal at the end of June, continuing with the collaboration between the two organisations on recovering the work of other Spanish composers of the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries such Tomás Luis de Victoria, Antonio Soler, Pedro Ruimonte, Sebastián Durón and Juan Hidalgo.

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Two concert pieces:
     Viri Galilei
     Assumpta est Maria

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