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Jon Fosse, a Nobel Prize winner interested in Lars Hertervig

The Norwegian Jon Fosse – who was recently awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature – is one of the writers and artists who have taken a fictional approach to the life and oeuvre of Lars Hertervig, the subject of the Visionary Romantics exhibition together with Eugenio Lucas Velázquez and Peder Balke. As the catalogue of the show explains, in Melancholy I (1995) Fosse describes the impression coming across the painting Borgøya had on one of his characters; and in Melancholy II (1996) the author presents a fictitious sister of the artist. This exhibition, organised by the CEEH, the Museo Lázaro Galdiano, the Nordic Institute of Art and the Stavanger kunstmuseum, brings the painter to the attention of viewers outside Norway for the first time.