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Patinir, la invención del paisaje

Joachim Patinir worked in Antwerp between 1515 and 1524, and was the first European artist to specialise in painting landscapes. His amazing pictures show his curiosity for the natural world, a characteristic of the Renaissance, and at the same time evoke the idea of a transcendental universe. This documentary deals with the enigma of the painter Joachim Patinir, of whom scant biographical details have survived. At the dawn of the 16th century, the painter revolutionised the art market and the concept of painting itself.


Miguel Ángel Trujillo

Academic Advisor

Alejandro Vergara


Angular Producciones in collaboration with the Museo Nacional del Prado and the CEEH

Run time

50 minutes




English and Spanish


English, Spanish, French

Date of publication

December 2007

DVD price

12,40 IVA no incluido

Online viewing price

7,00 IVA no incluido