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Rubens, el espectáculo de la vida

Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) was the most admired painter of his time, and was also an eminent humanist, courtier and diplomat. His overwhelming talent and refined personality earned him fame, fortune and happiness. Very few painters of the seventeenth century (not Velázquez, nor Rembrandt, nor Vermeer) were as influential as he was among his peers, or had a similar degree of success. In spite of this, Rubens can seem distant to us today. This documentary invites us to travel to his world, and to enter the exalted version of life that he created in his paintings.


Miguel Ángel Trujillo

Academic Advisor

Alejandro Vergara


Intervenciones Novo Film AIE, Angular Producciones and the CEEH in collaboration with the Museo Nacional del Prado

Run time

50 minutes




English and Spanish


English, Spanish, French

DVD price

12,40 IVA no incluido

Online viewing price

7,00 IVA no incluido